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Saracen Ultra Trailer Hitch - Poor design
The Saracen Ultra Trailer Hitch falls short in several key areas despite its sturdy steel construction and locking mechanism. The lock's design flaws pose significant concerns, as evidenced by multiple failures in crucial components. Notably, the oversized nut beneath the tow bar tongue renders it incompatible with the Saracen Ultra, while the risk of the lock dislodging from the tow ball poses a threat to vehicle bumpers.

Addressing these shortcomings required manual modifications, including resizing the nut and adding an additional securing nut atop the tow ball to prevent further damage. Regrettably, these adjustments highlight a fundamental oversight in the hitch's design and the apparent lack of consideration for varying nut sizes commonly found in the New Zealand market.

Overall, the Saracen Ultra Trailer Hitch's design shortcomings are evident, and the missed opportunity for straightforward fixes is disappointing. Improved attention to detail and market-specific considerations are essential for enhancing its suitability and safety for New Zealand consumers.

Works Great
I've been using this hitch lock for a few years now and I'm quite happy with it.
I know its not goint to stop a determined thief, but it does makes it harder to steal my caravan.

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