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BlackRidge 15 metre Portable Air Hose and Reel Review
0 reviews

Produced by BlackRidge, the 15 metre Portable Air Hose and Reel is one of those items that will make your life a bit easier when using your air compressor. The need to move the air compressor to a closer power outlet when your hose won't reach, is greatly ...

BlackRidge 185 LPM Portable Air Compressor Review
0 reviews

A quick unboxing and Review of the BlackRidge 185 LPM Portable Air Compressor for your workshop. My Video above shows what comes in the Box. This air compressor has a 40 litre tank and can produce 185 litres per minute.Two air outlets, nice gauges one ...

BlackRidge 6 Piece Mechanics Air Tool Kit Review for Air Compressors
0 reviews

My Review of the BlackRidge 6 Piece Mechanics Air Tool Kit for Air Compressors My Video above is Part one in a two part video, it shows what you get in the box so to speak.A quick look at the BlackRidge Home Mechanics Air Tool Kit. It comes with 6 air to ...

BlackRidge Air Inline Water Trap for Spray Painting Guns Review.
0 reviews

BlackRidge Air Hose Inline Water Trap is an inexpensive air compressor accessory and something you really should consider if you intend to do some serious spray painting, this small filter stops water from entering your spray gun and ruining the paint fin ...

BlackRidge Air Spray Gun with 10 litre Spray Tank Review
0 reviews

This is my review of the Air Spray Gun, Siphon Feed with 10 Litre capacity tank by BlackRidge.The Large 10 litre capacity tank saves you time by not having to continually refill the tank, and helps you enjoy spraying your fence, house etc.In Part 1 of my ...

BlackRidge Low Pressure Air Spray Gun Review
0 reviews

This BlackRidge Low Pressure Air Spray Gun comes with two 1.5mm nozzles, one is a fan pattern and the other a round pattern, so spraying paint with them, should produce a nice finished paint surface. You only need an air compressor that can supply 60 Litr ...