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Do you think my tow vehicle is up to spec, or, do I need to invest in a bigger one?
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Do you think my tow vehicle is up to spec, or do I need to invest in a bigger one?  This is an often asked, especially when the tow vehicle below is used. Pleas Note: This is not intended to be a serious Post. Important observations about owning this Tow ...

Making a U-Turn in a narrow street look so easy?
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I wonder how much frustration the driver was feeling? Or even worse... A partner sitting next to you, telling you that are an idiot for not checking the street out first? At least we all now know after watching this video clip, is not to enter a dead end ...

Speed, Speed and more Speed makes for an interesting Caravan Ride
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Those guys at Top Gear destroying a few more caravans. This really does look like it was a lot of fun, and partially dangerous at the same time. Top Gear YouTube channel: This is quite an interesting video to watch, it clear ...

TopGear Caravan Build Challenge
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How do they get away with such dangerous builds?  (I'm sure the local police would not be to impressed.) Having said that, It is a ridiculously funny video? The Top Gear Channel is quite amazing if your into cars, and like light hearted reviews of the dif ...

World Record Towing a Caravan Jump
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World Record Towing a Caravan Jump shown on the Fifth Gear TV Show. Wow, what a way to destroy a caravan with style, in order to hold a world record. For those interested, the previous Longest Caravan Jump Record, was held by Australian Ray Baumann, measu ...