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Camping Equipment

A collection of Reviews I have made for various Camping Equipment.

FlextailGear Max Repel Portable Mosquito Repeller
0 reviews

The FlextailGear Max Repel Portable Mosquito Repeller is an amazing piece of gear. I put it's mosquito repellent capabilities to the test.After travelling to the mosquito infested area of the Wimmera River.I was pleasantly surprised at just how effecting ...

Insta360 One R Video Action Camera
0 reviews

Insta360 One R Modular Action Camera Twin Edition.I've now owned this Insta360 camera for a few months, hence this long video. this Insta360 camera is an amazing piece of kit. My Insta360 One R YouTube Video Above.I have enjoyed using this action camera, ...

Lumintop EDC18 LED Torch
0 reviews

This Lumintop EDC18 uses a single 18650 Battery to power it, and the light emitted from this torch is truly amazing, and has variable brightness adjustable, also a safety switch to prevent the button from accidentally turning on the torch.My Video review ...

Multi Functional Tactical Trekking Pole
0 reviews

This Multi Functional Tactical Trekking Pole is light and portable, and packs quite small for hiking and backpacking. My YouTube video showing the Trekking Pole in action.The Trekking Pole comes in a pouch and has 6 pieces that screw together. Inside the ...

NCM London Folding Electric Bike
0 reviews

I really like my NCM London Folding Electric Bike. Its small and compact, fits easily in my Hyundai Sata Fe and I get 70-80km per charge. I live at the bottom of a steep hill, and you guested it, the shopping center, and milk bars are all on the other si ...

Portable Washing Machine Hand Operated
0 reviews

Are these Type of Portable Washing Machines that are Hand Operated, any Good?. Washing Machines that are small and don't weigh much, will pay for themselves many times over, especially, if you frequent caravan parks to do your laundry. The Ezywash han ...

RidgeRyder Dual Burner Portable Butane Gas Stove Review
0 reviews

This is quite a nice Twin Burner Stove BBQ setup made by RidgeRyder.I put this dual burner RidgeRyder Stove to the test at Lysterfield Lake, in Victoria.I cooked a couple of shashlik's and one egg, as you will see in my video I only had one Egg - ( I drop ...

RidgeRyder TravelKool 22 Litre Cooler Warmer Thermo Cooler Review
0 reviews

Will the RidgeRyder TravelKool 22Litre Cooler Warmer prove to be any good? I was really impressed with the overall performance of this inexpensive Ride Ryder product from SuperCheap Auto. My YouTube video above. The 22litre compartment is ample eno ...

Thetford Porta Potti Qube 165 Portable Camping Toilet
0 reviews

The Thetford Porta Potti Qube 165 is versatile and well priced and one of the best camping toilets available today. When your camping in the great outdoors, you will find the call of nature can be a bit intimidating, and bringing the comforts of home wi ...

WARNING - Freak Petrol Generator Accident
0 reviews

Freak Petrol Generator Accident - Don't Let This Happen To You My YouTube video of my Freak Petrol Generator Accident, I hope this never happens to anyone else.The Pull Cord Handle on my Generator broke in my hand, causing me quite a bit of injury, and a ...