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Father Woods Park
Riddoch Highway, , , South Australia
0 reviews

The Father Woods Park is just off the Riddoch Highway, featuring Chainsaw wood carvings and History of to a priest called Father Woods, who spent 10 years during the 1800's, in this local vicinity, and also carvings of Mary Mackillop another prominent per ...

Category Rest Areas
Fitzgerald Bay Camping Areas
Black Oak Cove, , , South Australia
0 reviews

The Fitzgerald Bay Camping Areas are all in designated locations with nice views of the bay. There are no facilities so make sure you bring everything you need and take your rubbish with you when you leave. Fitzgerald Bay Camping Areas location map

Category Rest Areas
Forestry Information Stop
Bookers Lane, , , South Australia
0 reviews

The Forestry Information Stop is set back a short distance from the Riddoch Highway along the Bookers Lane and amongst some large trees that offer plenty of shade. Entrance to the Forestry Information Stop Forestry Information Stop location map

Category Rest Areas
Frank Jackman Memorial Lookout Permanently Closed
South Eastern Freeway, , , South Australia
0 reviews

Frank Jackman Memorial Lookout is located on an asphalt circular drive, with a few trees, picnic tables and rubbish bins along its length. Entranced to the Frank Jackman Memorial Lookout Frank Jackman Memorial Lookout location map

Category Rest Areas
Frank Potts Reserve
Langhorne Creek Road, , , South Australia
0 reviews

The Frank Potts Reserve has a public toilet and picnic tables and rubbish bins with plenty of shade to pick your campsite from. There is a small fee per night to stay here and your limited to a maximum of 72 hours, but well worth it. The local shop pub an ...

Freds Landing Rest Area
Princes Highway, , , South Australia
0 reviews

The Freds Landing Rest Area is nestled between the Murray River and the Princes Highway. There is plenty of room to park your caravan, there are not many shade trees to park under, but there is a public toilet, picnic tables, and rubbish bins, and those i ...

Category Rest Areas

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